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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are You Located and How Far Will You Travel?

I live in Greenwich, CT, but I am always willing to travel both locally and abroad. Name the time and place and I will be there.

How Can I Hire You?

For information on packages and availability, please contact me and introduce yourself above. I'm excited to hear from you.

Do You Send Digital Files To Your Clients?

Yes, I most definitely do! All of my clients receive the digital files of the images that make our final selection. Images are also available for physical purchase in various styles and sizes.

What's Your Favorite Thing to Photograph?

I love photographing people in real world settings, nature photography, and long exposures. 

Do You Sell Prints of Your Work?

Most definitely I do. Reach out to me and let me know which fine art prints you are interested in and I will respond within 24 hours.

What If I Just Want To Go Out And Shoot With You?

I am always open to collaborations, meetups, and creative shoots. Reach out in the contact form or message me on Social Media.

Reach Out Anytime.

I check my e-mail a few times a day and as my wife, says, I love to talk! Seriously though, my goal is to put out high quality photographs for my clients while building long lasting relationships that lead to success. Let me help you to document your special occasions, build out your portfolio, or capture anything and everything thats important to you.